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Victoria Goldman

Get a grip on the school application process and how yours can succeed!
  • Title Manhattan Family Guide to Private Schools
  • Publication Date January 2016
  • ISBN 0807756563
  • ISBN-13 978-0807756560
  • Pages 512
  • $36.95 Buy book
  • Title Manhattan Directory of Private Nursery Schools
  • Publication Date May 2012
  • ISBN 161695051X
  • ISBN-13 978-1616950514
  • Pages 416
  • $23.25 Buy book

The Key Features

School selection and application advice...

  • Factors to consider when selecting a school, such as location, single sex versus coed, school size, after-school programs, and academic pace.
  • Preparing your child for admissions interviews.
  • Resources for test preparation.
  • School profiles that include key information on school tours and applications, tuition, financial aid and scholarships, staff, class size, homework, diversity, educational approach, atmosphere, and more.
  • The school admissions process and how you can succeed.

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Here are some highlights from the media

Praise for Previous Editions

This is the best and most comprehensive guide to Manhattan’s private schools, including Brooklyn and Riverdale.

  • Parents will line up single file for [this] guide to Manhattan’s private schools.

    - The New York Observer
  • The information is on the mark and insightful. . . . Parents will pass The Manhattan Family Guide to parents as gleefully as they once passed notes in class.

    - New York Magazine
  • A knowing look at those privileged places of learning.

    - Town & Country
  • Parents can turn to . . . objective and informative Manhattan Family Guide to Private Schools, the first to cover subjects from admission to tuition, curriculum, and general atmosphere.

    - AVENUE magazine
  • A comprehensive guide to covering over 150 nursery programs and all day care centers.

    - The New York Times
  • If you are looking for a nursery school, start your search by scanning The Manhattan Directory of Nursery Schools.

    - New York Magazine

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About The Author

Victoria Goldman Published Author

When I underwent the admissions process, it was an overwhelming experience. I hardly thought then that my research would lead to an independent career in educational consulting and journalism, countless columns, articles and books, culminating in seven editions of the Manhattan Family Guide to Private Schools and Selective Public Schools, the only guide to independent schools in New York City in which the text is not controlled by the schools. Touring the schools and scrutinizing brochures, annual reports, handbooks, curriculum guides and student publications became routine and I interviewed admissions directors, heads of schools, educators, IQ test administrators, child psychologists, students, alumni and parents. Originally, a letter and questionnaire was mailed to all of the heads of schools describing the project. Now, updated information is requested and, in most cases, promptly sent; when appropriate school visits and revisits are made. It should not surprise parents that the schools that were most open to questions are also the most secure about their missions and the directions in which they are moving, and are the most welcoming to the parents in general. While it is easy to understand the reluctance of the schools to disclose their inner workings of their admissions decision-making process, many heads of schools, admissions directors and administrators continue to be very generous with their time and advice and I thank them for their cheerful cooperation.

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In partnership with Maura Wollner, Victoria Goldman consults on nursery, primary, and college level admissions and general education issues.

Please contact Victoria at and Maura at

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All on the things you will learn

High School

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Extracurricular Choices


Victoria Goldman's books have been cited in numerous articles and columns. Below are quotes from the author as well as material from her books that have been cited in numerous articles.

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by Victoria Goldman

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